What is Tanino Treatment (Taninoplasty or tanino enzymotherapy)? The Tanino hair smoothing treatment consists of smoothing and moisturizing the hair in a natural way. It is based in Amino and Tanino acids It's 100% Organic. The composition of the product counts on the tannins, substances in some vegetables, mainly the bark of macerated grape, chestnut and oak. Overall it is less intrusive for your hair.

It will nurish hair fom inside the cortex, like hair botox treatment but it will give hair more smoothing effect. It's the ideal hair straightening solution if you wish to give you hair a break from all kinds for hair straightening products and tools. the result will last 6 months.

May lighten coloured hair by 1-2 shades. Not recommended for bleached blond or damaged hair. Not a permanent straighening treatment! 

nAnoplastia hair  benefits

  • Flexibility
  • Frizz control (60-70%)
  • Shine and silkiness
  • Resistance
  • Smoothing effect 
  • Hydration
  • Humidity control
  • Less time spent on hair styling
  • Reduces hair drying time 

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